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Zepp Live Inc. announced that Early Bird 2-Day Passes will be available for the six of Japan’s greatest female idol groups’ shows at Zepp Live presents KAWAII POP FES by @JAM on June 28 and 29 at Music Zone, KITEC, Hong Kong.

Japanese female idols groups Cheeky Parade, Dempagumi.inc, Dorothy Little Happy, HimeKyunFruitCan, TOKYO GIRLS’ STYLE and UP UP GIRLS KAKKOKARI are to perform for the HK and Asian fans for this special two days festival.
The audience will be the first to see Cheeky Parade and HimeKyunFruitCan outside of Japan. From 16 – 29 Apr, specially discounted Early Bird 2-Day Passes will be available exclusively via HKTICKETING (www.hkticketing.com) followed by general sales on 23 Apr.

■ Cheeky Parade http://www.cheekyparade.jp/index.php

Cheeky Parade is an idol group consisting of 9 girls. They were formed on February 19th 2012 as the second artist from avex idol label, "iDOL Street." The group name means "Cheeky=saucy, rambunctious" + "Parade=entertainment parade."

Cheeky Parade debuted with their 1st single "BUNBUN NINE9'" on January 9th 2013. It ranked #4 on the Oricon weekly chart! The 2nd single "C.P.U !?," released on April 10th, ranked #5 and the 3rd single "Mugendai Shoujo ∀" ranked #4. Their first three singles all reached the top 5 on the charts.

They pursue their own unique music and character in order to become an idol group like no other.
■ Dempagumi.inc http://dempagumi.dearstage.com

Dempagumi.inc is a Japanese idol group, composed of six girls, Mirin Furukawa, Risa Aizawa, Nemu Yumemi, Eimi Naruse, Ayane Fujisaki, and Moga Mogami. The group belongs to Dear Stage, Akihabara’s most famous idol live house and bar where they perform regularly.

All of the members are geeks/otaku of anime, manga, games, or costumes. The group performed at Tokyo Collection and has collaborated with leading fashion designers including Mikio Sakabe. They attract attention overseas as well and have performed at fashion events in Jakarta and solo concerts in Taipei. Tickets for their solo concert at Zepp Tokyo were sold out. The unit released their latest single, ‘Denden Passion’ and ranked 6th on Oricon Chart.

‘The group joined a new record label, MEME TOKYO, produced by TOY’S FACTORY and Mofuku-chan.
■ Dorothy Little Happy http://dorothylittlehappy.com

Five-member idol group from Sendai. Dorothy Little Happy major debuted with an album "Demo Sayonara" in March 2011 through avex trax. Their high quality vocal techniques and dance performances as well as cheerful personality led to rapid expansion of fan base.

Latest single "ASIAN STONE" charted #7 on Oricon Single Weekly Chart that makes them getting in the top 10 in two CDs in a row.
The group’s slogan is “Once you listen, your body starts dancing. Once you see, everyone falls in love”.

■ HimeKyunFruitCan http://himekyun.jp/pc/

HimeKyunFruitCan, the Ehime county’s local idol group formed in 2010. Their hit debut single ‘恋愛エネルギー保存の法則(Ren-ai Energy Hozon no Housoku)’ charted #1 on Oricon Indies Chart.

The girls' soaring popularity results in their regular concerts held at HimeKyun Hall (Matsuyama KittyHall), in their hometown being sold out in minutes. They became popular since winning the 'Chugoku Region Award' at the 5th CD Shop Awards in 2013, and the popularity kept soaring nationwide by word of mouth about their amazing performance.
■ TOKYO GIRLS’ STYLE http://tokyogirlsstyle.jp

Formed in 2010, TOKYO GIRLS’ STYLE are a five-member female Japanese dance and vocal group signed to avex trax. In late 2012 they held a one man live at Nippon Budokan. They became the youngest female group to perform at the venue at the time. They had a second show there in 2013 as their simple performance with a back band gained attention.

The group have a high profile internationally with their abnormally high quality tunes and performance that both idol fans whose attention is on tunes and experts can’t suppress a grunt of admiration.
■ UP UP GIRLS KAKKOKARI http://www.upupgirlskakkokari.com

UP UP GiRLS KAKKOKARI (formerly UP FRONT GIRLS KAKKOKARI) are seven graduates of Hello Project Egg’s training courses who couldn't become members of Hello! Project.
The group is named after the attitude to go UP and UP while always being 'appu appu' - up to their neck.
They're a militant idol group that keeps fighting against something to get rid of “KAKKOKARI” from the unit name.