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"The Touch"
A new game show to test your sense of touch!
The rules are simple: Something is placed on the palm of a contestant whose eyes are closed, and the contestant must name the object within just 3 seconds.
If they guess correctly, they win prize money. If they guess wrong, they face a harsh penalty.
Even things you see every day are hard to identify by touch alone. And even if you know what it is, the name of it may escape you until the time is up.
You won’t be able to tear your eyes away from these three-second tragicomedies!

"Why did you come to Japan?"
Follow the most craziest tourists !

There are now 8 million tourists yearly, who visit Japan from abroad. What are their purposes? Yes,It may be normal sight-seeing, or business trip, or studying....but 8 million...umm..there should be more than that....To discover our guests’ motivation we have decided to conduct totally random interviews at the door step of Japan, Narita Airport. There we have found people who visited for the most craziest purposes. Camping in the snow mountain of Hokkaido, or participating the “ World Cosplay Festivals."
Not documenting them is missing out all the brilliant stories that might happen, so we simply started to follow them !

This crazy improvised documentary show can be adapted to any doorsteps of any countries. Search the undiscovered charms of your country from the foreigner's viewpoint !

"Battle of the Super Boyz"
Never before has a competition created such excitement on screen and among teens and young adults.
A legendary competition is reborn with the hottest games and competitors.
tv asahi

A series of hilarious races where babies crawl to their mothers on an obstacle course within the limited time. Adorable girls and boys between 6 months and 18 months crawl, toddle, run or push cars, while mom and dad scream their heads off and dream of a big money prize.

Celebrities traveling all over the country, searching for the best dish of their lives! The following question is asked to people walking by: “What is the dish you really want to eat again ?”
The answer would be for example “The sushi I ate on my trip to Hokkaido”, or “The noodle I ate at a hotel in Kyoto”, etc.
Once the answer is given, the traveling celebrities must go to the site and eat that dish.
They are not allowed to eat or drink anything (except water) until they reach the site..
This is a fun entertainment show for the entire family.

Sometimes it costs money to make your dreams come true. What will people do to make that happen?  How about selling some of their stuff? Well it’s not that simple.

HAPPY HOUSE CLEANING is a brand new format that uncovers how much people’s precious possessions are really worth and how far they are willing to go to get what they want. Here’s how it works: Someone needs cash for something they think is really important; A family of 10 who desperately needs a vacation; Old dad surrounded by antiques but can’t afford to buy a car for his daughter; and a freeloader who needs cash to buy his lady a gift; Or a super rich family who needs to renovate their dog’s mansion.

There is an Expert who gives a reality lesson about everything’s true value.
Most of the time the truth is tough to take. But sometimes a gem is discovered in the midst of all the junk. Who is willing to make a great sacrifice to put them over the top? What embarrassing items will come out of the closet in desperation ?

HAPPY HOUSE CLEANING lets the audience share in the funny…touching…dramatic…and ridiculous moments as people put their most intimate things on display in order to make their wishes come true.

"Grab It Hold It Count It"
From Japan comes a brand new show that features a Willy Wonka style wonderland made of money rather than candy. A place where it rains REAL CASH

Contestants will be invited into the mansion of money where each week a different wealthy celebrity guest will invite them to help themselves from a series of incredible cash machines that pump out real banknotes. So for example it could be a fountain that jets money instead of water, or a ballroom with exploding disco balls of cash or even a money dragon that you must ride to get your hands on the dough.

Our contestants must first try to GRAB as much money as they possibly can, then HOLD on to it as they overcome a series of horrible hazards. After various challenges just one team will remain and be given the chance to walk away with all the money they have collected …but only if they can COUNT it !!
NHK/NHK Enterprises

This documentary style format portrays human bonds and emotions by helping people to create a special surprise for someone they care about. The key to the success of the surprise is a fake documentary to deceive the target. The deception is carefully designed to generate the greatest emotional impact. When the surprise is sprung on the target, all those involved feel happy !

In a zoo in central Japan, Hideyo, a chimpanzee specialist, is retiring after 34 years of work and the rest of the zoo staff are planning a big surprise to thank him for all his dedicated service. The NHK TV crew help their plan, pretending to film a fake documentary about Hideyo titled “Life’s Turning Point.” The surprise planners go to great lengths to persuade Hideyo’s friends and family to take part. Weeks of filming and interviews for the fake documentary set Hideyo up for the surprise of a lifetime.