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Company: NHK/NHK Enterprises

Title: Cook the Unknown
Genre: Reality - 30 minutes
Misunderstanding is the mother of all invention. This is a reality show following chefs as they use wild experimentation and their unfettered imagination to create dishes they have never made before!
The rules are simple—a renowned chef makes a dish from somewhere in the world with only the dish’s name and a few hints given. Using the Internet or phoning peers is strictly prohibited. The chefs then create unique dishes that reflect the chef’s own cultural background and knowledge of cuisines from around the world.
Exploration is the gateway to a new culture. This experimental cooking reality format introduces exotic dishes and follows each chef’s experience of the cooking process. Experience and learn about foreign cultures through a selection of mouth-watering dishes, and enjoy some hilarious cooking challenges!
Company: Asahi Broadcasting Corporation (ABC)

Genre: Reality Television / Comedy
All you need is a smart phone and you can be a star of a new user generated video live show, brought to you by “THE SELFIE SHOW”!
This show pushes the envelope in the TV format history, combining a classic TV talk show and the latest second screen technologies! Our hosts introduce personal, funny and sometimes sexy videos shot, edited and posted using an app, “mechika boola” and make various comments on the videos creating an instant, great and easy entertainment!
Company: Tokyo Broadcasting System Television, Inc. (TBS)

Title: Find The WASABI!
"Find The WASABI!" is a reality-TV series for foreign broadcasters to explore the quirks of Japanese culture with their own TV stars. The first series, made for Singapore Television, saw three young celebs come to Japan for one week and live in a share-house together. Each day they are sent on challenging missions where they must uncover the “secret spice” of Japan. Each episode has a winning celebrity and a loser subjected to a funny batsu game. The 13 part series culminates by crowning one of the talents as WASABI CHAMPION!
Company: Yomiuri Telecasting Corporation (YTV)

Title: Fake Family
Genre: Entertainment Quiz Show
Look at the happy family! Mom, dad, brother, sisters…but wait! All is not as it appears. One of them is not a real member of the family! Can you guess which one is an actor?
A celebrity reporter visits the family and tries to figure out who doesn’t belong. The family is questioned, observed for a day as they share a meal and talk about family history. Will one person slip up? Or will your powers of deduction allow you to see who is the faker?

Studio panelists have two chances to guess who the fake family member is: once, based on their first impression after the family is introduced; and again, after watching the family members interact and seeing their home environment. Those who guess correctly can enjoy a small treat.

In the end, parting between the temporary family member and the rest of the family can be bittersweet. After acting like a father, mother, son, or daughter for a day, it’s hard to say goodbye!
Company: Nippon Television Network Corporation (Nippon TV)

Title: Mansion Madness 〜Don't Make Yourself at Home!〜
Genre: Reality-gameshow
Imagine being locked up in a mansion full of spooky rooms, and the only way to exit successfully, with a big cash prize, is to solve quizzes and riddles that you’re constantly showered with regardless of what you are doing.
You must overcome all kinds of psychological and physical obstacles in order to walk out of the mansion as the winner.
Not only you must win the battle against yourself, but you have to defeat your competitors who are just as starving as you are for survival and the cash prize.
Nippon TV brings you a brand new format that tests your knowledge, wisdom, and patience, but above all, whether or not you have what it takes to come out on top in this game of the “Survival of the Wittiest”. Don’t make yourself at home in this “Mansion Madness”.
Company: TV Tokyo Corporation (TV Tokyo)

Title: Can I Follow You Home?
Genre: Reality/ Documentary
In Tokyo, after midnight, many people are wandering around without a destination. Sadly, they are people who missed Last Train to take them home. Some were partying, some were working late, and some were just too drunk to catch the train on time. The program focuses on these people by asking them to let a camera document their home in exchange of Taxi fare. Some starts to talk about their previous dream by showing the photo albums. Some starts to confess their gratefulness towards their wife in the middle of the night. The format can be produced in countries where Last Train is not significant as in Japan. Rather, the interviewee can be someone simply drinking at bars in night. Why not discover how people react when a TV crew suddenly visits their home in midnight.
Company: Fuji Television Network, Inc. (Fuji TV)

Genre: Game Show
“WHOSE SIDE ARE YOU ON ?” is a twisted physical and mental game show where contestants’ strategies of whether or not to accept various big challenges determine their fates once and for all. Twenty ordinary people of all stripes compete against one another in a studio-based competition to win a cash prize. It doesn’t matter if you are big, small, strong or smart. It is anyone’s game depending on how one plays it.

This is a unique co-development project between US and Japan, with one of the US premier independent producers, Phil Gurin’s The Gurin Company, one of the Japan’s largest production houses of TV commercials, Taiyo Kikaku and Fuji TV.
Company: TV Asahi Corporation (TV Asahi)

Title: Be A Legend
Genre: Reality Format
Becoming a legend must be exciting!
Be a legend by overcoming unprecedented challenges.
The show is super fun to watch and deadly tough to challenge.

A proven hit reality show from Japan that demands contestants to “Be a Legend”. Anyone from a viewer to a celebrity can become a challenger. A unique and difficult task is given with a time limit, and cameras witness each and every progress, achievements, and myriad of emotions bursting out from contestants.

It is a hilarious and yet mind-moving reality show that brings out the moment of truth from the challengers: their endurance, wisdom and iron will power.
Let’s find out who can Be a Legend!!