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Company: Yomiuri Telecasting Corporation (YTV)

Genre: Reality
Duration: 30’
Mobile and smart phones are capable of almost anything these days, but new reality TV format "CELL PHONE RELAY 2.0", co-developed by Yomiuri Telecasting Corporation and FremantleMedia Asia, explores what lies at the devices’ very essence—communication and information sharing.“CELL PHONE RELAY 2.0” expands on an original concept asking members of the public to pass a cell phone from person A to B in the form of relay race to set out for a distant destination. Speaking to the show’s host via a realtime video call, members of the public are now asked to share their life, place of work, family and their friends with the rest of Japan, potentially earning incentives and prizes for their troubles before handing the phone to a new person and setting the relay in motion! A simple yet very ingenious and economical production that uses the latest videophone technology, Cell Phone Relay 2.0 is all about seeing and sharing the lives of people in contained locations.
Company: Nippon Television Network Corporation (Nippon TV)

Title: Breaking Ordinary
Genre: Docu-reality
Duration: 10×30’
“Breaking Ordinary” is a docu-reality show that features real people, craftsman and companies who put their skills to the test to take ordinary products to create the extraordinary.
This show challenges individuals to go above and beyond, testing the limits of everyday products with the hope of accomplishing their out of ordinary assignments.
Watch what happens when a manufacturer re-invents its pitching machine and tries to make it throw a ball as fast as possible. In another episode, a stone-sculptor and a specialist of water pumps collaborate to make a ‘Mannekin Pis’ statue that will spray water further than any Mannekin Pis ever before.
With their pride on the line, they will plan, experiment, fail, get back up and push themselves to achieve the goal!
Company: NHK/NHK Enterprises

Title: Lunch On!
Genre: Lifestyle Documentary
Duration: 30’
You are what you eat!
By late morning, the sound of growling tummies can distract even the hardest workers. But take a look around, and you’ll find that everyone has a unique lunch routine. In NHK’s "Lunch On!", you‘ll get to see the what, how, and where of midday meals eaten by all kinds of people. This unique slice-of-life narrative is not only informative, but a highly entertaining peek into personalities from all walks of life. Take a look at workplace lunchboxes, company cafeteria lunches, dining out, and the lunches of the rich and famous… Who says “it’s just lunch” when “lunch” can say so much?
Company: TV Tokyo Corporation (TV Tokyo)

Title: I wanna be Home!!!
Genre: Reality/Game show
Duration: 30’-60’
The craziest survival game show staged Worldwide.
What if you are suddenly left at the other side of the world, without your cell phone or map?
“I wanna be Home!!!” is a reality game show which can be staged anywhere in world. The challengers have only 7 days and USD 500~1,000 to reach back home on their own. They are suddenly blinded and taken away to places they have never seen before, for instance a hidden spot in Guatemala or mountains in Georgia. Ice cold weather in the winter mountain and local people shouting incomprehensible words, this is the most severe and dramatic survival game show ever.
Company: Fuji Television Network, Inc. (Fuji TV)

Title: Masked Blind Dating
Genre: Dating Show
Duration: 60’
Description: The ultimate dating show!
Five men and women meet for the first time wearing masks, check on another’s character based on various factors excluding physical appearance, and choose their favorite partner without ever seeing each other’s face.
Check point examples are smell, feel of a hug, written texts, way of eating, way of complimenting, singing voice, physical strength etc.
Only when two people both choose each other, they get to see the other’s face!
Company: Asahi Broadcasting Corporation (ABC)

Title: Picky Eater Saver
Genre: Cooking
Duration: 60’
This new show could end everybody’s bad eating habit!
A new cooking program which involves judges, that all of them has something in common. Which is “disliking a particular food”.
The selected chefs are challenged to use that food to create a new type of dish, so that it tastes delicious for the pickiest eaters.
The program is suitable for all ages to watch, learn and to enjoy. It is also not just changing people’s eating habit but it may possibly change their health.
What is better is that it can be made in your home kitchen, with the wonderful ideas of the recipes and the ingredients provided.
Thanks to the incredible cooking method of the chefs by using the seasonings and additional ingredients, you will be surprised how the judges react.
It is a new style of cooking program with great information and ideas, that any picker eater could be fooled and possibly change people’s bad eating habit.
Company: TV Asahi Corporation (TV Asahi)

Title: The Dinner Table
Genre: Social / Reality
Duration: 30’
“Dinner Table” is more than a reality show. It is a social experiment that is set in our modern society that forces us to live our life under constant time pressure.
The family challenging the game must consist of more than 4 grown-up members. Their mission is to sit at the dinner table at 7:00pm sharp and start their dinner together.
If they can do this continuously for 100 days, they can win big prize money. If anyone misses fulfilling the mission for even a single evening, the challenge is over and there is no reward whatsoever for the family.
An average family is undergoing the challenge and is overcoming simple but many difficulties in fulfilling their mission. The show reveals sometimes surprising and sometimes heartwarming moments, which make us viewers realize the importance of communication among the family members as well as its pleasures.
And this format works perfectly well with social media. The viewers can follow the family’s ups and downs in their lives via SNS.
The importance and the delights of communication among family members are the core of this show. Simple but challenging, and most of all it is super exciting and fun to watch for all age groups.