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World famous anisong singers, Hironobu Kageyama and May’n talk show!


On March 20th 2018 Kadokawa’s official YouTube studio in Roppongi, Tokyo released a program called “Japanese anime and anisong expanding to the world! Hironobu Kageyama and May’n talkshow & introduction of spring anime special broadcast” worldwide through their official YouTube channel.

This event focuses mainly on the anime and anisong genre which received many inquiries from companies overseas through “JAPAN content Catalog (JACC) Search” which is a database for contents information rights owned by Visual Industry Promotion Organization(VIPO). Along with Hironobu Kageyama and May’n, the Executive Director of VIPO, Sane Ichii was part of the talk show. New anime that will be airing in April was also introduced in the second half of the event.

Anisong becoming a world famous genre

During the talk show, Hironobu Kageyama who is one of the first anisong singers that became popular worldwide talked about his amazing experience when he performed in Papua New Guinea and in the Middle East. Kageyama has performed all over the world but has never performed in Australia and wishes to do so in the future. As part of JAM PROJECT, he will be performing in China, Taiwan, and Korea from May to June. 
May’n performed oversea for the first time in 2008 and has been actively performing throughout ASEAN countries ever since. In the future, she also plans on performing in South America and in the Middle East.

Afterwards, Ichii explained the theme of the talk show “JACC.”

Expansion of Japanese anime market overseas

According to Ichii, the Japanese anime market size is two trillion yen and oversea shares has reached 7,676 billion yen (38% of the total). Though the anime and anisong business has been flourishing, oversea buyers do not know who to contact for copyrights. In order to solve this problem, VIPO established JACC Search last year which operates as a database site. Starting this year, in addition to anime, music, games and characters, they added filming locations as well as script writers to the data base. The show ended with a message recommending JACC to everyone in the contents business field.

JACC Official Website: http://www.japancontentcatalog.jp