Japan's "Gem" to the world!
8 broadcasters to unveil their newest TV formats at 「TREASURE BOX JAPAN 2016」

Japan’s 8 major broadcasters are pleased to announce the fifth edition of the popular event 「TREASURE BOX JAPAN 2016 ~ WORLD PREMIERE! BRAND NEW FORMATS!」 that will be held on Sunday April 3rd, prior to the opening of MIPTV.

Participating broadcasters are NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation), Nippon TV (Nippon Television Network Corporation), TBS Television (Tokyo Broadcasting System Television, Inc.), TV Asahi (TV Asahi Corporation), TV Tokyo (TV Tokyo Corporation), Fuji TV (Fuji Television Network, Inc.), ABC Japan (Asahi Broadcasting Corporation) and Yomiuri TV (Yomiuri Telecasting Corporation).
We will be introducing our new and highly recommended formats from Japan. For the last four years, the venue has been packed with curious and interested buyers. This year, with the rise of demand, we have moved our venue to the Grand Auditorium and have prepared brand new formats, which are more powerful than ever before.

In this event, the 8 major broadcasters will present their newest and hottest formats. In the presentations, we will be showing the trailers of each format, the gems of our creativity. Additionally, we are happy to announce Ms. Virginia Mouseler from MIPFORMATS “Fresh TV” will also be hosting TBJ.

After the TBJ pitching session, we will provide snack lunch outside the auditorium. This networking area will be a chance for buyers to directly connect with the representatives of each 8 broadcasters and follow up on the formats that have been presented.

On behalf of the Treasure Box Japan organizing committee, Fuji Television’s Senior Executive Director Mamiko Maekawa says, “Thanks to a great number of buyers who have taken a keen interest to enthusiastically support Treasure Box Japan over the years, we have been able to continue growing. We are delighted to present the event on a much larger scale this year. I look forward to meeting with our valued buyers once again and hope that they discover many new TREASURES.”

Treasure Box Japan’s operations are supported by Japan’s Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC) and Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) who actively take part in promoting Japanese content globally under their policy.

【Event Outline】
<Event> Japanese Formats Showcase (a part of MIP Formats)
“Treasure Box Japan 2016, World Premiere—Brand New Formats!”
<Date and Time> Sunday, 3rd April 2016, 12:25~13:15
Followed by Snack Lunch & Networking
<Venue> Grand Auditorium, Palais des Festivals
<Participating Companies> TREASURE BOX JAPAN Organizing Committee
(NEP/NHK, Nippon TV, TV Asahi, TBS TV, TV Tokyo,Fuji TV/FCC,ABC Japan, Yomiuri TV/YTE)

【The new formats that will be introduced】(Presentation order for the event)
Fuji TV/FCC: Mission; Infernal (Game show)
TV Tokyo: One Step One Penny (Entertainment/Reality)
ABC Japan: Kids Love Therapy (Family/entertainment/Reality)
NEP/NHK: 72 hours (Factual)
TV Asahi: WILD SKILLS (Outdoor/Reality)
Nippon TV (NTV): Battle of the Homes (Game show)
Yomiuri TV (YTV): All Chained up! (Game show)
TBS Television: Battle of the Super Boyz (Sports/Game show)

On behalf of the Treasure Box Japan organizing committee:
Takayuki Hayakawa
International Department, Fuji Television Network, Inc.
Tel: +81-3-5500-8214

Japan's "Gem" to the world! 8 broadcasters to unveil their newest TV formats at 「TREASURE BOX JAPAN 2016」