Japan Content Showcase 2016 (JCS2016)
Seminar Line Up Announced!!!

■ Daiba Venue

October 25 (Tue)

1.JETRO Business Seminar: “Changes in the Global Market: Focus on Western Markets” (temp)
The heads of some of the leading film companies from the U.S. and Europe discuss how Japan’s diverse and unique contents can find further success overseas.

2.“Overseas Development of Regional Production Contents” (temp)
Using actual case studies, this panel will consider the overseas potentials for contents produced by regional TV stations and how that may revitalize such regions.

3. Digital Content Association of Japan Seminar: “The Character Business in Thailand”
This seminar will outline the current state of the character business in Thailand before five character licensee companies from Thailand speak about their business.
Part I: The Current State of the Character Business in Thailand
Speaker: Kazuo Rikukawa (President, CHARACTER DATABANK, Ltd.)
Part II: Presentations by Character Licensee Companies in Thailand

Yujin Nishino
(General Manager, Corporate Planning Division, TV TOKYO Communications Corporation)
Part III: Individual Business Meetings (details TBD)

4. Hong Kong Trade Development Council Seminar:“New Business Dynamics and Opportunities in the TV Market in HK & Asia”
This seminar will discuss the current state of the Hong Kong TV industry as well as the role Hong Kong plays in the development of TV contents in Asian territories.
Keynote Speech 1: Lo Ting-Fai (General-Manager, HK Television Entertainment Co Ltd.)
Keynote Speech 2: Atsushi Hatayama (President, International Business Development, Nippon Television Network Corporation)

Hideo Shinada (Senior Researcher, Nikkei Business Publications, Inc)

Lo Ting-Fai (General-Manager, HK Television Entertainment Co Ltd.)
Atsushi Hatayama (President, International Business Development, Nippon Television Network Corporation)
Minehiro Sugamura (Manager, Events & Contents Department, Sapporo Television Broadcasting Co., Ltd.)

6. The Current State of the Japanese Animation Industry
Speakers will offer an encompassing discussion on the current state and future prospects of the Japanese animation industry as illustrated in the latest issue of the Anime Industry Report published by the Association of Japanese Animations.

Hiromichi Masuda (Anime industry researcher)
And more

October 26 (Wed)

1. TIFFCOM / TIAF / TIMM Joint Seminar:“VR Entertainment Contents Now and the Future of the VR Business” (temp)
Jointly organized by the three organizations comprising the Japan Content Showcase, this seminar will discuss the forefront of the VR business in what is being called “the year of VR.”

2. APN Seminar: “The Latest in International Film Production and Exhibition” (temp)
Asia-Pacific Producers Network (APN) members from 12 countries and territories will give presentations on production and exhibition in their respective regions, making for an excellent opportunity to learn about the latest in Asia-Pacific territories.

3. VIPO Seminar: “International Agent Business Matching”
Part I:Presentations by international sales agents This session will be a must for those seeking new customers for their anime, IP and TV programs.
Part II:Business Matching Session (individual meetings)
Moderator and panelists TBD

4. The Effective Exploitation of Animation in Local Cities
Speakers will discuss the relationships between animation works and local cities, including the potentials of Seichi Junrei (the practice of fans visiting locations featured in animation works), which can help to revitalize such regions.

5. Japan’s Property in Asia: Case Studies
Companies that participate in the Hong Kong International Licensing Show and use the opportunity to accelerate their Asia license development will report on the work —including challenges—of license development in Asia.

Kazuo Rikukawa (Executive Director & Secretary General, Character Brand Licensing Association)

Takehiko Ohya (Licensing Manager, Global Sales & Marketing, Sony Creative Products Inc.)
Jun Kikyo (Executive Producer, TV TOKYO Communications Corporation)
Yasuhiko Matsuoka (General Manager, International Sales & Production, NIPPON ANIMATION CO., LTD.)

6. Case Study: Animation Exploitation in Local
Speakers from the Japan Film Commission and other related entities will discuss various events and activities conducted to revitalize local regions in Japan.

October 27 (Tur)

1. Business Opportunities for Film Adaptations and Remakes Based on Japanese Manga and Animation
Manga and animation are the key elements of the Japanese content industry. In this session, original content holders share information about works they would like to pitch for film adaptation and remakes.

2. Contents and Internet Distribution Business in Japan, China and the United States
The global environment surrounding the Internet distribution business changes rapidly. In this program, panelists will discuss the current status of Japanese contents in the internet distribution businesses in each market.

3. Business Matching for International Co-productions
This program provides business-matching opportunities between animation studios and TIAF visitors interested in international co-productions.

■ Shibuya Venue

October 24 (Mon)

10:00-11:30 The Latest in the Music Copyright Situation in Mainland China
Mark Yokozawa, concert organizer for Japanese artists in Asian countries such as mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong, will moderate this panel about the latest in the copyright situation in mainland China.

Mark Yokozawa (CEO / ASSOSIA Co., Ltd.)


12:00-13:30 Key Players: The Booking Agent
With the fall in sales of prerecorded music, especially outside of Japan, performing live has become increasingly important in building a musical act’s career. International booking agents discuss how to develop more shows and tours for prominent Japanese artists.

Rob Schwartz (Tokyo Bureau Chief, Billboard magazine)

John Pantle (Vice President, APA Talent and Literary Agency)
Ross Warnock (Agent, United Talent Agency)

14:00-15:30 Keynote Conversation: How to Expand Businesses Overseas
Two of the top figures in Japan’s music industry will discuss how Japanese artists should go about developing their overseas careers.

Kaz Utsunomiya (COO & Executive Producer, Antinos Management America, Inc.)
Shigeo Maruyama (CEO, 247 Inc. / Adviser, S.M. Entertainment)

16:00-17:30 Seminar co-organized by MPAJ
Details TBD

October 25 (Tue)

10:00-11:30 Preparing Japanese Artists for Overseas Tours 
Well-traveled music industry veterans discuss the various challenges faced by Japanese artists when trying to build a foreign audience.

Rev. Moose (Co-Founder, Marauder)

Nambu Ryohei (COO, FYD Inc. / CEO, ZAZA Inc.)
Vladimir Kravchenko (General Director, COLISIUM International Music Conference)
and more

12:00-13:30 State of the Union: A Look at Music Festivals Across Asia
With music festivals at peak popularity, panelists discuss the latest trends and the future of the live music business.

Sebastian Mair (President, Music Solutions)

Archie Hamilton (Founder & MD, SPLIT UNITED)
Justin Sweeting (Music Director, Magnetic Asia Ltd)
and more

14:00-15:30 Keynote Conversation: Tetsuya Komuro on Future Global Expansion 
Having performed in Taiwan this year for the first time in 19 years, Tetsuya Komura is once again producing artists on a full scale, beginning with the 5-girl group Def Will.
He will discuss his plans for global expansion, in conversation with Jay Kogami.

Tetsuya Komuro (Music Producer)
Jay Kogami (Digital Music Journalist)

16:00-17:30 SyncSummit@TIMM 2016: a J-Music LAB Seminar
Moderated by the head of SyncSummit, a sync seminar event held in major Western cities, leading music supervisors gather to discuss possibilities in the global market for Japanese music in visual media and in sync opportunities.

Mark Frieser (CEO, SyncSummit / SyncExchange)
Gary Calamar (President, Go Music)
Chris Clark (Director of Music, Leo Burnette)
Mamie Coleman (VP, Music and Production, Fox Broadcasting Company)