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3-in-1 House Share
International sales company
Nippon Television
TV Drama
#1 approx. 75 min., #2-#9 approx. 60 min.
Asami Mizukawa, Yo Oizumi, Yuto Nakajima, Haruna Kawaguchi, Yuuma Kimino, Haruka Kinami, Kazuaki Hankai, Risa Sudou, Masako Motai, Shosuke Tanihara
SHIO TSUYAMA (Asami Mizukawa) is a 30 year old office worker who leads an unostentatious life in Tokyo. Though she has no boyfriend and no real social life, she is always smiling. Because a smile, she believes, can somehow prevent anymore of her happiness from slipping by.

One day, she makes a serendipitous discovery on her way to work. It is a sign that reads “WANTED: HOUSEMATE”—and in a big leap to change her drab life, she decides to move in. Shio’s new housemate is TAPPEI (Yo Oizumi), a 38 year old male who has a positive attitude and likes to joke around that he is from outer space. Few months later, by a twist of fate, Shio acquaints herself with YUKIYA (Shousuke Tanihara), a 40 year old mysterious man who has been laid off from his white collar job. Having left his wife and son back home, he ends up homeless until Shio offers him a safe haven in their house share. From then on, Shio’s new life with two different men begins…

3-in-1 House Share is an uplifting modern love comedy that depicts a love triangle between two men and a woman, set in a house shared by strangers—a relatively new lifestyle that is becoming popular in Japan due to social isolation and need for companionship. The lead role is played by talented actress, Asami Mizukawa, and co-starring as the male housemates are Japan’s leading comedy actor, Yo Oizumi, and ex-model and actor, Shousuke Tanihara.
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