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Japanese entertainment contents such as animation, comics and J-POP are very popular to have a lot of fans all around the world. Therefore content businesses such as broadcasting stations, internet contents distributors and merchandisers try to get the license of Japanese contents and make big profits.

However, only some parts of Japanese contents are known to the world still leaving a lot of attractive contents unknown. It is true that many people in your country would like to watch, listen and experience these unsealed content.

JAPACON is managed and operated by the Joint Efforts of various member companies representing who create and distribute contents in Japan.

JAPACON gives you the latest information of Japanese contents in real-time by utilizing Facebook and Twitter.

Come and access to JAPACON regularly to get the latest information on Japanese contents and entertainment !
Find the most attractive content, and make your approach to the Japanese TV broadcasters and distributors for the use in your country !

JAPACON Chief Director,
Taichi Seo

member companies

As Japanese contents are very popular all around the world, they are sometimes used in illegal manners such as pirated copies which make it difficult for the Japanese creators and contents businesses to receive fair rewards of their popularity.

“Contents Portal Website Operating Committee”, a parent organization of JAPACON, was established by the cooperation of TV stations, music companies, movie contents distributors and right holders in Japan and supported by Keidanren (Japan Business Federation) and the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan.

JAPACON is working on various businesses under the two main purposes;
1. to promote oversea distribution of Japanese contents in official,
2. to prevent contents piracy.
JAPACON is a platform to send Japanese contents information in order to promote official oversea distribution.